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Experience timeless elegance with the H-SELECTION PLANUM SLATE tile. Renowned for its traditional charm and modern innovation, it remains our top choice, prized for its size, strength, and lightweight construction. The installation of Planum roof tiles is executed using the broken bond method, also known as CROSS BOND, further enhancing its appeal and structural integrity.

Technical Specifications

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The Planum Roof tile offers precise dimensions of A: 441 mm (17.36 inches), B: 278 mm (10.94 inches), and C: 32 mm (1.26 inches), ensuring a sleek and uniform appearance for any roofing project. With 11 pieces per square meter or 106 pieces, each tile weighs 3.5 kg (7.71 lbs), providing both durability and ease of handling during installation. The longitudinal fit allows for variations of up to 370 mm (+6/-44 mm) or 14.57 inches (+0.24/-1.73 inches), while the transversal fit measures 237 mm (9.33 inches), ensuring precise alignment and a seamless finish. Pallet options include 240 or 320 units, with respective weights of 840 kg (1,851.94 lbs) or 1120 kg (2,469.2 lbs), offering flexibility for project logistics. Installation follows a broken bond pattern, ensuring structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Please note that the dimensions have an approximate tolerance of +/-2%, and on-site recalibration may be necessary with the actual tiles to be used.

Roof Tiles Features

Outstanding Flatness:
Each slate clay roof tile undergoes individual curing supported by an 'H' mechanism, ensuring exceptional flatness without any contact points.

Superior Definition on Every Piece:
Crafted using gypsum molds, each slate clay roof tile offers impeccable definition and a finer texture, enhancing its overall quality.

Minimal Absorption:
With low absorption properties, slate clay roof tiles exhibit increased resistance to ice and mold formation, ensuring longevity and durability.

Lifetime Guarantee:
Backed by a 100-year warranty, our commitment to quality manufacturing provides you with peace of mind and reflects the excellence of our slate clay roof tiles.

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