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The H-Selection Selectum Cognac roof tile: a timeless option renowned for its klinker quality. Featuring the innovative FlexiLock system, it simplifies installation while ensuring a flawless fit on any roof. The quantity of tiles per square meter may range from 11 to 14, offering versatility for various roofing projects.

Technical Specifications

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The Selectum Roof tile is characterized by its versatile dimensions and specifications. Each tile measures A 468 mm / 18.4", B 280 mm / 11", and C 75 mm / 3". With a coverage ranging from 11 to 14 pieces per square meter, it offers flexibility in installation. The weight of each tile is 3,500 grams / 7.71 lbs, ensuring durability without excessive weight. Longitudinal fit varies from 348 to 383 mm / 13.7 to 15.07”, while transversal fit ranges from 206 to 231 mm / 8.1 to 9.09”. Pallets contain either 240 or 320 units, with weights of 840 kg / 1,852 lbs or 1,120 kg / 2,469 lbs respectively. Installation is done using the straight bond method. It's important to note that the dimensions have a tolerance of approximately +/-2%, and theoretical values should be recalculated on-site with the tiles to be used.

Roof Tiles Features

For Kerala roof tiles, superior flatness is achieved through individual curing supported by H, ensuring impeccable quality with no contact points. Each piece offers high definition, crafted with gypsum molds for a finer texture. With low absorption rates, these tiles provide increased resistance to ice and mold formation, ideal for Kerala's climate. Backed by a lifetime warranty spanning 100 years, our Kerala roof tiles guarantee peace of mind and reflect the excellence of our manufacturing process.

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