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Selectum Dark Green tiles offer easy installation, precision, durability, 11 to 14 tiles per square meter, and a lifetime warranty.


The Selectum Roof tile, meticulously designed with precise dimensions for optimal performance. Each tile measures A 468 mm / 18.4", B 280 mm / 11", and C 75 mm / 3", ensuring compatibility with various roofing structures. With a density ranging from 11 to 14 pieces per square meter, it offers flexibility in coverage options. Weighing 3,500 grams / 7.71 lbs per piece, these tiles strike a balance between durability and manageability. The longitudinal fit varies between 348 to 383 mm / 13.7 to 15.07”, while the transversal fit ranges from 206 to 231 mm / 8.1 to 9.09”. Pallets contain either 240 or 320 units, with weights of 840 kg / 1,852 lbs or 1,120 kg / 2,469 lbs respectively. Installation is recommended using the straight bond method, ensuring stability and uniformity. It's important to note that the tile dimensions have a tolerance of approximately +/-2%, and theoretical values should be recalculated on-site with the specific tiles intended for use.

Technical Specifications

Roof Tiles Features

Flatness & Detailing: Individually cured tiles ensure smooth surfaces, crafted with precision using gypsum molds for clear definition.

Resistance & Durability: Low absorption properties enhance resistance against ice and mould, ensuring long-lasting quality.

Guarantee: Backed by a 100-year warranty, providing lifetime assurance and peace of mind.

Introduction: Introducing the H-Selection Selectum Galia Roof Tile, featuring a FlexiLock system for easy installation and versatile density options.

Features: Notable features include exceptional flatness, clear detailing, and resilience, tailored for various climates, including Kerala.

Quality Assurance: The 100-year warranty underscores reliability and quality, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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