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Vienna Rusty Red tiles offer a spectrum of colours and styles, embodying La Escandella India's preferences.


The tile dimensions specified are as follows: A measures 460 mm or 18.11 inches, B measures 255 mm or 10.04 inches, and C measures 30 mm or 1.18 inches. The pieces per square meter range from 11.5 to 105, with each piece weighing 3.6 kg or 7.9 lbs. The longitudinal fit should ideally be 396 mm (+5mm; -75mm) or 15.6 inches (+0.19; -2.95 inches), while the transversal fit is 214 mm (± 1mm) or 8.42 inches (±0.04 inches). Each pallet contains 288 units, with a total weight per pallet of 1,037 kg or 2,287 lbs. The recommended laying method is a straight bond. It's important to note that the dimensions have a tolerance of approximately +/-2%, and the theoretical values for longitudinal and transversal fit may need to be recalculated on-site with the actual tiles intended for use.

Technical Specifications

Roof Tiles Features

Flatness & Detailing: Individually cured tiles ensure smooth surfaces, crafted with precision using gypsum molds for clear definition.

Resistance & Durability: Low absorption properties enhance resistance against ice and mould, ensuring long-lasting quality.

Guarantee: Backed by a 100-year warranty, providing lifetime assurance and peace of mind.

Introduction: Introducing the H-Selection Selectum Galia Roof Tile, featuring a FlexiLock system for easy installation and versatile density options.

Features: Notable features include exceptional flatness, clear detailing, and resilience, tailored for various climates, including Kerala.

Quality Assurance: The 100-year warranty underscores reliability and quality, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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