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Clay roof tiles, such as the H-Selection Visum3 Old England, offer a blend of exclusivity and design, mimicking the visual impact of three separate pieces. With a range of colors and flawless finishing, these tiles are laid using the broken bond method, also known as cross bond, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

Technical Specifications

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The data sheet for Visum3 Roof Tile presents comprehensive information on its dimensions, pieces per square meter, weight, and fitting specifications. With dimensions A measuring 470 mm (11"), B at 280 mm (18.54"), and C at 35 mm (1.38"), each tile weighs 3.6 kg (7.9 lbs). The longitudinal fit allows for 187 mm (+4 mm ; -10 mm) (7.36” +0.16; -0.39”) tolerance, while the transversal fit maintains a width of 435 mm (± 1 mm) (17.12” ± 0.04”). The tile's laying pattern follows a broken bond arrangement. Each square meter requires approximately 11.5 pieces, with 216 to 288 units per pallet. Pallets weigh between 778 kg to 1037 kg (1,666.7 lbs to 2,222.3 lbs), ensuring efficient transportation and handling. It's essential to recalculate the longitudinal and transversal fits on-site to ensure precise installation with the tiles to be used.

Roof Tiles Features

Clay roof tiles boast high definition on each piece, achieved through individual curing with H support, ensuring excellent flatness without contact points. Their impeccable flatness, crafted with gypsum molds, results in perfect definition and a finer texture. With low absorption properties, these tiles offer increased resistance to ice and mold formation. Additionally, they come with a lifetime warranty spanning 100 years, showcasing the quality of our manufacturing process and providing peace of mind to homeowners.

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