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H-SELECTION VISUM3 VERMONT GREY offers a blend of exclusivity and design, seamlessly integrating three visual effects into a single piece. With a diverse range of colors and impeccable finishes, the laying of Visum3 roof tiles follows the broken bond technique, also known as CROSS BOND.

Technical Specifications

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The Visum3 Roof tile boasts dimensions of approximately 470 mm in length, 280 mm in width, and 35 mm in thickness, with a weight of 3.6 kg per piece. With a longitudinal fit ranging from 187 mm to 191 mm and a transversal fit of 435 mm (with a tolerance of ±1 mm), these tiles offer versatility in installation. Each square meter requires approximately 11.5 pieces, amounting to 106.7 pieces per square. When laid in a broken bond pattern, these tiles offer both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. It's important to note that the provided dimensions come with a tolerance of approximately +/-2%, and the theoretical values for longitudinal and transversal fits should be recalculated on-site with the actual tiles to be used. Additionally, these tiles are typically packed with 216 to 288 units per pallet, with pallet weights ranging from 778 kg to 1037 kg, ensuring efficient handling and transportation.

Roof Tiles Features

Precision Detail: Each clay roof tile undergoes individual curing supported in height, resulting in high definition and impeccable flatness without any contact points.
Superior Flatness: Crafted with gypsum moulds specifically for clay roof tiles, these tiles offer flawless definition and a significantly finer texture on each piece.
Enhanced Durability: With minimal absorption characteristic of clay roof tiles, they exhibit increased resistance against ice and mold formation.
Long-lasting Assurance: Our lifetime warranty spanning a century provides homeowners with peace of mind, showcasing the exceptional quality of our manufacturing process tailored for clay roof tiles.

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