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Traditional vs. Modern: Balancing Heritage and Innovation with La Escandella Clay Roof Tiles in Kerala

Kerala's architectural landscape beautifully combines tradition with modernity. La Escandella clay roof tiles play a crucial role in bridging these two realms.

Here is how this integration preserves heritage while embracing innovation:

Preserving Heritage

  • Sloping Roofs: A defining feature of Kerala’s architecture, sloping roofs are not only visually appealing but also practical. They help in efficient rainwater harvesting and provide excellent climate control, reflecting the region's cultural heritage.

  • Kerala Roof Tiles: Traditionally made from local clay, these tiles are known for their durability and thermal insulation, making them ideal for Kerala’s tropical climate. They help keep homes cool and withstand the region's heavy rains.

Embracing Innovation

  • La Escandella Clay Roof Tiles: La Escandella Mantos tiles offer a modern interpretation of traditional roofing. With their minimalist profiles and sleek finishes, they blend effortlessly with Kerala's architectural legacy while providing a fresh, contemporary look.

  • Modern Design Elements: These tiles allow for modular configurations, enabling architects to design structures that are both visually stunning and highly functional. The versatility of La Escandella tiles opens up new possibilities in architectural design.

Examples of Innovative Applications

  • Residential Projects: La Escandella tiles are a popular choice for luxurious villas and eco-friendly homes. They provide a sustainable roofing solution that is also aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that homes are both beautiful and energy-efficient.

  • Commercial Buildings: From resorts to cultural centres, these tiles are increasingly favoured for their ability to harmonise traditional and modern styles. They offer a durable and attractive option for a variety of commercial buildings, enhancing their overall appeal.


The use of La Escandella clay roof tiles in Kerala demonstrates a perfect balance between preserving heritage and embracing innovation. This approach not only honours Kerala’s rich cultural legacy but also contributes to creating a sustainable and visually captivating built environment. By integrating these tiles, architects and homeowners can achieve a harmonious blend of the old and the new, ensuring that Kerala’s architectural beauty continues to evolve and inspire.

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